Looney Bird

Looney Bird is the certified silliest character in the entire rockafire! (With a surprisingly sad implied background?)Looney Bird was an exceptionally silly guy. He's very hyper and doesn't pick up on the band's social cues, and can be pretty funnily blunt to them. He is also extremely passionate about his interests, leading many to believe that Looney Bird is autistic (which I also believe!) Anyway, Looney Bird's origins lie with his best best friend Billy Bob's, both coming from the Hard Luck Bears / Bear Country Jubilee, an animatronic band developed in the '70s by Creative Engineering which was kind of a knockoff the the Country Bear Jamboree at Disney (lol). Looney Bird was in a barrel next to Mama Granbags and make offhanded comments to her (knowingly or not), only to get smacked back down into the barrel by her! When the Rockafire Explosion came out in 1980, he was put in an oil barrel next to Billy Bob on a stage resembling the gas station Smitty's from the Hard Luck Bears. Once, a woman drove away from Smitty's, but Looney wasn't finished working on her car. Billy Bob says that it's okay, she had the gas working or something, and Looney panicks and says that he was working on the brakes, not another part of the car. This has stuck with me. Both characters developed an alternative energy source for cars due to the then-current energy crisis. This was a substance known as "Goofy Gas" or "Gasahol," some sort of moonshine that also works as gasoline. Looney Bird was chronically addicted to drinking goofy gas. A gasaholic if I may. Thankfully, this addiction seems to have ceased throughout the decade, as, loosely according to Aaron Fechter, "having an alcoholic bird running around on stage was okay back then." This gasahol addiction seemed to have been replaced with a passion for technology and science. In the mid to later years of the Rockafire, Looney Bird started sharing his inventions and procedures ("Time to implement my scientific testing debugging procedures! Procedures, procedures! Oh, how I love procedures!" during shows, which apprently was reflecting Aaron's ambitious projects at the time. Some of Looney's inventions include: A programming language for children, a Santa Claus tracker, a personal radio and more. He also held a segment called "Letters to Looney Bird," where he would read out letters from fans! In the short lived years of the New Rockafire Explosion, he was given two animatronics! One was a little head that peered out from a window on Beach Bear's stage, and another was his own stage that appeared when Beach's stage spun around! It was a very silly and colorfuk 90's set, he sat at a desk with a fuzzy spinning computer and has his new degrees proudly on display behind him! He also sported a new fancy lab coat instead of the old oil bin. Also, notable mention, Looney Bird has a weird relationship with his parents canonically. He claims his parents flew the coop, yet sings a song for his Momma in the Christmas cyberstars, yet in another show claims he has no mom? Worth mentioning :3.

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My Headcanons

Looney Bird is 100% autistic. It is very much implied in the skits, intentional or not (missing the social cues of the band, extremely passionate about his interests, sensitive to noise and hides in his barrel because of it, very blunt to the band, a deep love for procedures and rules etc..). I also imagine that Looney Bird helped the Rockafire get its name (explained in my comic , where Dook convinces Looney to turn Beach's van, the Rockafire, into a rocket ship. This subsequently led to an explosion of the Rockafire, leading to the name! Also, him and Billy Bob are absolutely INSEPARABLE best friends. Mutualitsic symbiotic relationship type friendship :3. This drawing by Chimera Manticore shows exactly how I imagine them!


The Looney Bird walkaround standing with his limbs poking out of his oil barrel. The New Rockafire Looney Bird walkaround, sitting in front of a classic Rockafire stage with his arms in the air, wearing a lab coat.

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