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I am an Auguste Clown! Click here to take the clown quiz! Which Bootleg Sailor Moon Alarm Clock Are You?
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A photo of Looney Bird at Billy Bob's Wonderland lit up by the spotlight.


professional nerd, artist, and an aspiring mechatronics engineer + programmer! my hobbies include coding, drawing/painting, mechatronics engineering, and getting lost for hours in various wikis.

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(beware for geek overload)

  • the rockafire explosion!!! everything about it, the animatronics/mechanics, the shows, the voice actors, the history, the characters, all of it!!!
  • generally everything about animatronics
  • computers, web deisgn and coding
  • retro mascots/advertisements (mcdonaldland, the nesquik rabbit, etc...)
  • video games, especially nintendo!(nintendo kid alert...)
  • doll lines and other toys(mlp, american girl, monster high, calico critters etc...)
  • Other media: popee the performer + chinchikurin, pearl (2022), fnaf, the sims, tmnt, dhmis, cartoon network shows, childrens virtual worlds


I want to eventually turn this section into a slideshow but for now it was just to replace my DNI on the main part of the page!

  • Napoleon Dynamite
  • Popee Paraphone (I don't explode people though!)
  • Spongebob Squarepants :3
  • A little bit of Dook Larue! He's more my FAV than he is ME though
  • A gif of a twerking duck with a ginormous, volumptuous, earth shattering, humongous booty.
A blinkie saying 'I am only here to annoy you!' Two rainbow harts with text saying'Gay is good!' A blinkie with pizza saying 'Pizza Time' A spinning flower with text that says 'Foster kindness in your community' A magenta blinkie with checkerboard graphics and a rubix cube saying 'I love the 80's.' Two balloons and text saying 'SILLY CLOWN' A blinkie with the eBay logo saying 'Maybe you should go to eBay and buy a clue' A blinkie with two rabbits saying 'Somebunny loves you.' A rainbow blinkie saying happy birthday with a balloon. A blinkie with a surfer logo with text that says 'Web Surfer.' A blinkie with rainbow text saying 'life is fun' with a smiley face. A blinkie saying 'I heart thrift stores.' A blinkie saying 'I love my little pony' with an image of G1 Moondancer.' A blinkie saying 'bunny love.'

Animatronic Destinations Visited!

  • Billy Bob's Wonderland: August 2022
  • Huntsville Al Chuck E. Cheese: January 2023
  • Billy Bob's Wonderland Part 2: June 2023
  • Tallahassee Fl Chuck E. Cheese: June 2023

If you're reading this, remind me to stop coding. I get hyperfocused on it and forget everything else. It is a curse.