⚠️this is very very a work in progress so ignore this if you find it somehow. heres my pinterest. comment if you find this mess 🤓⚠️

The New Rock-afire Explosion Dook LaRue animatronic singing. klaude's awesome website The Rock-afire in a cyberstar show with colorful yeahs in text.

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ok i made a button but jesus it was WAY too saturated so i just had to remove it 😭😭😭

A photo of Looney Bird at Billy Bob's Wonderland lit up by the spotlight.


professional nerd, artist, and an aspiring mechatronics engineer + programmer! my hobbies include coding, drawing/painting, mechatronics engineering, and getting lost for hours in various wikis. (he/him)

a red checkerboard divider with pizza and drinks


(beware for geek overload)


I usually don't like DNIs... but I still have one because I seriously do NOT want these people interacting with me. i think its reasonable.

A blinkie saying 'I am only here to annoy you!' Two rainbow harts with text saying'Gay is good!' A blinkie with pizza saying 'Pizza Time' A spinning flower with text that says 'Foster kindness in your community' A magenta blinkie with checkerboard graphics and a rubix cube saying 'I love the 80's.' Two balloons and text saying 'SILLY CLOWN' A blinkie with the eBay logo saying 'Maybe you should go to eBay and buy a clue' A blinkie with two rabbits saying 'Somebunny loves you.' A rainbow blinkie saying happy birthday with a balloon. A blinkie with a surfer logo with text that says 'Web Surfer.' A blinkie with rainbow text saying 'life is fun' with a smiley face. A blinkie saying 'I heart thrift stores.' A blinkie saying 'I love my little pony' with an image of G1 Moondancer.' A blinkie saying 'bunny love.'