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  • 9/17/23: remade "my art" navbar for easier navigation + major progress on rockafire ramblings (most character pages + index page finished) + fixed issues with links + moved dni + added wii pointer
  • 8/1/23: rockafire character pages started
  • 7/31/23: started work on rockafire ramblings section
  • 7/29/23: added code snippet to button section, added more songs to music player
  • 7/28/23: added more graphics to sites page + fixed issues on my art pages
  • late june - literally all of july (7/27/23):replaced home page buttons with stamp marquee + changed front page video + resizing entire site to use pixels instead of percentages for consistent, non responsive size on all devices. literally just adjusting sizes... so much adjusting...
  • 6/25/23: added links to links page (where did you come from, where did you go?)
  • 6/22/23: rewrote about me page code, adjusted sizes on several images for different browser sizes
  • 6/18/23: home page updated to add several columns + blog idea, added blog to navbar, added wordart headers
  • 6/7/23: art gallery completed! will recieve updates when I make new art. I actually finished it sometime in late May but forgot what day so I'm writing it today haha
  • 5/22/23: rockafire section of my art split into sections for a faster load time
  • 5/19/23: header size fixed
  • 5/16/23: about me added
  • 5/9/23: update log added
  • 5/8/23-ongoing: art gallery created
  • 5/7/23: home page pretty much done(?)
  • 7/8/22: site creation
It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed! It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!

My tamaNOTchi! Click to feed :3

NOT WELCOME ON MY SITE!(or any profiles)

  • NSFW or 18+ profiles
  • Proshippers. Including if you ship real people!
  • Those who say "fatherless / motherless / parentless" as insults.
  • People who say KYS and general bullies.
Welcome to my homepage! a red checkerboard divider with pizza and drinks

Welcome to my NeoCities, friend! I'm Klaude, AKA the animatronic geek you've probably seen prowling the web ranting about the rockafire.◝(^⌣^)◜Relax, take your time browsing my site and listen to some of my fav animatronic tunes with the music player up top. Why am I here? I think we should bring back having our own personal websites!!! Social media is too limiting and commercialized (not to mention how pinterest is almost unusable now sfhjbfjks). I'm not permanently moving here, but this site lets me express myself and also show all of my art and projects! There might even be some ~exclusive~ art and sketches here just for funsies. This site is best viewed on DESKTOP. Made on a computer with a 1920 x 1080 px screen size.

A stamp with a photo of avenger Chuck E. Cheese that says 'I LOVE CHUCK E. CHEESE.' A stamp saying 'I love mayor mccheese' with a picture of mayor mccheese. A stamp of the uncle klunk animatronic with text saying uncle klunk. A stamp showing the rockafire animatronics. A stamp showing a robot that says 'I heart robots.' rollerskates against a colorful carpet. The signature 90s teal and purple chalk scribble. The animated atari logo. An axolotl with a heart. Colorful ballons floating upwards. A colorful ballpit. Various 80's care bear plushies. Cheese with text saying 'cheese.' A poorly designed, almost unreadable stamp saying 'wtf is color theory.' A retro computer with a flashing question mark on its screen. The cosmic brownies logo. A stamp saying 'certified cringeworthy.' Yellow guy from DHMIS flailing erratically while confetti falls onto him. Rainbow crayola crayons with text saying 'taste the rainbow... eat crayons' Fizzy from the original My Little Pony cartoon looking up. The cover of 'Everywhere at the End of Time' by the caretaker with text saying 'I forgor' and a skull emoji.' A black and white skunk furby with a small bouncing red heart. A dashing yellow furby. A fast moving gif of the faces of the gorillaz members from the demon days cover. anti internet fuck the internet i hate it so much Kedamono from Popee the Performer grinning and scratching his head. The pink cat and yellow puppy from Lisa Frank illustrations. The minecraft logo, steve from minecraft, and a creeper against a minecraft grass block. Various g1 ponies against the mlp g1 logo. Rainbow nerds. A pink stamp saying 'I heart when people draw my characters.' A blue stamp with pixel art of a computer saying 'I love old web.' Papi from Popee the Performer wagging his finger at the camera. Peter griffin doing a silly dance in the sky. I'm on pinterest. Popee tilting his head at the camera. The 'love' logo from popee the performer. A red silhouette of popee with the words 'love' pointing at it. Colorful retro text saying 'Totally Rad.' A stamp of moving stamps saying 'I heart stamps.' A colorful array of various worms on strings. A drawing of the wii with text saying 'I heart nintendo wii.' An image of the nintendo wii with text saying 'Proud wii owner.' The rainbow beanie babies worm plush.
So what's up? A censor panda with the rating PG.

Newest art!

A digital drawing of Dook, Earl, and Rolfe playing uno together on the floor. Dook pulls a draw 4 card on Rolfe and he looks comically worried about it. There is various junk food and cards surrounding them.

Dook, Earl, and Rolfe playing uno!! View in: Rockafire Art Section #4!

Newest video!

Burt Wilson Tribute 💛 RIP 12/28/23

a poorly designed button that says 'graphic design is my passion.' A button with a crossed out tiktok logo saying 'Delete tiktok!' Playstation and the Playstation logo. A button saying 'Pride Now!' with a heart and rainbow. The neocities cat with rainbow text saying 'web design is my passion.' A magenta and rainbow button saying 'Make a website!' A picture of a GBA with text saying 'GBA Now!' Various social media logos with an X on them and text saying 'Ditch Social Media Now!'
Hands holding a television containing a youtube video.


check out whatever video i'm obsessing over at the moment!

'Cool' Chuck E. Cheese waving at the viewer. A gif of a man working on a computer. Colorful bouncing balloons. A pink cartoon rabbit sitting down.