The New Rock-afire Explosion Dook LaRue animatronic singing. klaude's awesome website The Rock-afire in a cyberstar show with colorful yeahs in text.

Others Buttons!

Rainbow letters saying 'Oddity Commodity' and a floating rainbow gummy worm. An image of Arnold, a plush clown, with text saying 'Interested? click here' Bubbly yellow text with a clown in it titled 'CLOWNFRED ZONE' against a moving blue striped background. Raggedy Ann Revival Effort button.
A young child peering in through a computer screen surrounded by various colorful fun objects such as balloons and a CD disc.


Cool and useful websites I like going to / where I came from. Did you like the funny reference? Did you get it? Did you get the big funny? Was it funny? ☺

An orange cat on a cat toy shaped like a real laptop.
A dancing grey kitty.

Where did I come from?

What does this mean? My social media, silly! I honestly hate social media a lot. A lot of you people need to log off and are just making up problems that don't matter. Social media is mind numbing and addicting, hence why I dont' have many. However, it is a nice way to share art, interact with online friends and find funny stuff, which is why I'm not completely OFF of social media.

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Where did I go?

What does THIS mean? Cool websites I like going to!!! (did you like the reference? haha) Sorted into useful ones, like guides and references, and just silly fun stuff :3!

Web Resources and References

Animatronic + Robotics Building Resources

  • Arudino Reference: I recommend starting out with an arduino microcontroller if you want to get into electronics!
  • Paul McWhorter's Youtube: AMAZING Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other programming tutorials!!
  • Bottango:GOD BLESS THIS PROGRAM!!! The BEST free animatronic control software I could find!
  • How To Mechatronics
  • Animatronic Franchise Stuff

    Just Some Cool Websites

  • petpet generator: create a hand petting gif :3 A hand nicely petting a silly pink rabbit.
  • GifCities: The GeoCities animated GIF search engine.
  • where that cool burning text comes from LOL
  • bongo cat
  • My 80's TV: watch TV like its the 80's! (site also has 50's-2000's Tv viewing!
  • Strawberry Reef: my favorte mlp archive!
  • The official old Popee the Performer website!
  • MakeSweet: make those funny gif memes (aka the heart locket)
  • Rainbow balloons along with rainbow text saying 'INTERNET PARTY'