Rolfe Dewolfe + Earl Schmerle

Occupying stage right, Rolfe was the house comedian of Showbiz and the antagonist of the Rockafire (to a certain extent.) He stemmed from the Wolf Pack 5 character The Wolfman, although he adopted a new goofy voice and his puppet, Earl, adopted the Wolfman's rough voice. Earl is the antagonist to the antagonist, ironically the puppet of Rolfe, he constantly humiliates and makes fun of Rolfe in the middle of shows, such as saying "go on back to your petri dish, you microscopic mold spore!" to him in the Tune Machine cyberstar show. Rolfe is frequently shown to be arrogant and sometimes rude. He will insert himself into shows when unwanted, teases the members, and makes a general fool of himself. Earl is always there to criticize and berate him every time he does this. Rolfe was sadly not included in the New Rockafire Explosion. Or given a walkaround. Or on any toys or merchandise. They really hated this guy. Fun fact, since Rolfe was intended to be a bully, he was named after Rolfe Kennard, Showbiz Pizza's vice president of operations who was deemed antagonistic and put pressure on CEI. Rolfe also opposed the Colander Head Movement, deeming it negatively and refusing to wear a colander. In a CEI newspaper, there was a comic drawn of him and "all of his followers" protesting the movement. He was shown shouting to a crowd of a single person. During Concept Unification, he traded eyes with Beach Bear and was retrofitted into Chuck E. Cheese.

My Headcanons

Rolfe is the Wolfman's son and kind of a disappointment to him but in a funny cartoon way, not a depressing way. As I like to imagine the Wolfman helped create Showbiz Pizza in the Rockafire world, I think was intended to be the only show for the restaurant, like a one man show and also since he is the Wolfman's son, but he ended up being so bad that they brought the Rockafire in to be the main show and put Rolfe on a sidestage. This is why Rolfe is so snarky towards the band. I have a comic I'm currently still drawing (as of 8/7/23) explaining the entire story!


Rolfe was given no walkaround. :(

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