Two red cups of coca-cola with the coca-cola logo. The Rock-a-fire Explosion. A large pepperoni pizza.

Founded in 1980 by Creative Engineering, and descended from their previous animatronic band the Wolf Pack 5, the Rock-afire Explosion performed in Showbiz Pizza and became their main mascots, entertaining a whole generation of children up to the early 90's until concept unification, in which they were rebranded into Chuck E. Cheese characters (which I'm also a fan of!) These silly singing animatronics are my favorite thing in the entire world. Their shows were lifelike and authentic, and so was the animation! They were voiced by some of the most beautiful singers I've ever heard and the characters are charming and fun. Explore my obsession of this animatronic band and the history of Showbiz Pizza and Chuck E. Cheese / Pizza Time Theatre's involvement via this section of my site!

A man and woman, presumably a romantic couple, look at each other and hug while watching the Rock-afire Explosion. A digitally animated gif of the Rock-afire Explosion performing with a small Showbiz Pizza logo. A woman and girl, presumably mother and daughter, smile as a Showbiz Pizza employee delivers a large pizza to their table with the Rock-afire Explosion behind them.