Mitzi Mozzarella

Mitzi Mozzarella starred in the Rockafire as the female vocalist. Voiced by Shalisa James (also known as Shalisa Sloan-James, she's an amazing vocalist!!!) since she was 11-12 years old, Mitzi was the youngest member of the band and shared the same age as her voice actor. She is frequently teased by the other band members, but never in a serious way. Although she's the youngest, she is very sassy and outspoken. Mitzi argues with Dook in the Abracadabra / Magic medley because Dook got to sing two songs and she didn't, and freaked out on Billy Bob because he forgot to get her an autograph from Michael Jackson, her favorite artist ever! She loves Michael Jackson so much, she said she was going to "rip his shirt off" "take a chunk of his hair" and that she would "steal one of his shoes" to make up for when she didn't get his autograph! Mitzi is the definite epitome of fun teenage girl. She loves cheerleading and boys, has good grades, and is the class president (or something along the lines of that lol). Mitzi's origins began with the character Queenie the fox from the Wolf Pack 5. When Bob Brock, the investor of Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre and then Showbiz Pizza, found the Wolf Pack 5 and decided to put them in his new restaurant chain (which would be Showbiz Pizza), his company thought that Queenie should be changed to a rodent to "fit the pizza restaurant theme" (AKA be more like Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre). This made Creative Engineering change Queenie into a red mouse named Mini (and they spitefully gave her a Minnie Mouse voice, as well.) When the Rockafire Explosion was being developed, she was made into a mouse for this reason. In the early years of the Rockafire, she was actually voiced by Aaron Fechter, the founder. Unfortunately. He didn't do a very good job, her voice was squeaky and it wasn't very fun to listen to her singing. Her voice was then changed to Monique Danielle, but CEI (Creative Engineering) quickly sought a new voice because her voice was still squeaky and they thought Monique didn't sound natural in her Mitzi voice. In 1982, Shalisa James began voicing Mitzi and sounded very natural being actually Mitzi aged. Beach Bear's voice was also changed to Rick Bailey during this time (thank god!!! i HATED aaron's beach bear voice. Rick Bailey is my favorite singer literally of all time but you can read about that in the beach bear section.) Mitzi was also one of the only characters to have a more advanced, second generation animatronic in development before funds were cut. She could dance more fluidly, bend her knees, twist her torso and pull her arms into her torso!! There is existing footage from the 80s of this incredible animatronic, but Showbiz unfortunately cut funds, so development for the 2nd-gens were never finished and never put into stores. There is a famous picture of this animatronic in particular, taken in the basement of Creative Engineering's old Orlando warehouse in 2006 tour / party that was spread as a "cursed" and "creepy" image, sadly. During Concept Unification, she was retrofitted into Helen Henny and gave Helen the green cheerleader outfit of the coach era! Mitzi was also voted one of the top three favorite characters in a poll from Showbiz Pizza customers, so her and the other two most popular characters (Billy Bob and Fatz) recieved a spot on center stage in the New Rockafire Explosion! She was given a new look with this new show, getting rid of her blonde wig and starring in a metallic pink and black dress.

My Headcanons

You'll see in these sections a lot how I imagine the Rockafire as one big found family. Mitzi's interactions with characters in shows make me imagine Fatz as her adopted father and Beach Bear as an older brother figure to her. They frequently bicker but have their sweet moments, like Beach offering to dance with her then singing together with her in the Grammy 88 show, or him tossing her in the air in an old showbiz ad.


A person posing in a Mitzi Mozzarella walkaround suit. A New Mitzi Mozzarella walkaround costume hanging on a rack.

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