A digital drawing of Dook Larue with the showbiz pizza logo.

Dook Larue

My favorite character in the whole world!! Dook Larue was the drummer for the Rockafire Explosion, and although the shows made him out to be somewhat of a doofus, he has an extremely talented voice (Duke Chauppetta) and has some of the funniest lines in the entire Rockafire. Dook's origins begin with Dingo Starr, the drummer in the Wolf Pack 5 (and former drummer of 'The Beagles' parodying Ringo Starr of the Beatles. When the Rockafire was fully developed to be put in Showbiz stores, he was changed into Duke LaRue, made larger and wearing a similar outfit to his predecessor Dingo. His name was later changed to Dook, and he was deemed to be from Louisiana along with Fatz because their voice actors were both from Louisiana and their accents were present in their character voices. Dook's name was brought up in shows frequently because, according to a poll from Showbiz customers, they didn't know his name very well LMAO so this led to a running joke of Dook announcing his song titles followed by "by Dook Larue." Dook isn't necessarily stupid, but he is made out to be airheaded and confused a fair amount of the time in shows. For example, how often he says "hwat. hwhat?" And how he asked Fatz to "play every sound in the whole world at the same time but backwards" on his tune machine. He was also shown to be somewhat of a hopeless romantic, as most of his songs were about love or unrequited love, and he mentions 2 exes (that I can think of right now) in the shows. Dook also has had a lifelong fascination with space. The outfit he wore for the majority of the Showbiz era (after the outfit that was similar to Dingo's) was a handmade spacesuit he made as a child! Fans also make him out to love coleslaw, since in one of the New Years Shows (New Years 88 I think? I can't remember for sure right now) he yells "coleslaw" twice in the background of the hour long show. Nobody knows why, but I think it would be funny if a CEI employee walked in on them recording asking what they want for lunch and he yelled out coleslaw 😭. Sadly, Dook was also one of the least favored characters according to the same Showbiz poll from earlier, so he wasn't given many lines in skits. However, Dook was one of the few animatronics in the Rockafire to have started development on his second geenration animatronic! This new and improved Dook could play a full set of drums, and even cross his arms to hit the drums on opposite side of him! This new Dook was never fully developed, never given new cosmetics and wasn't put in stores due to Showbiz cutting funds for CEI (Creative Engineering.) After the era of Showbiz and when the New Rockafire Explosion was made, Dook was given a brand new, very colorful and very '90s outfit for the new show. He was present on stage left behind the tv screen, and was now presented as "the Junkyard Dog" and behind him was a painted scene of a junkyard and a doghouse. He was retrofitted into Pasqually and moved to stage left during Concept Unification.

My Headcanons

DOOK IS NOT AS DUMB AS HE IS MADE OUT TO BE! He is autistic and just can't communicate very well and is a bit airheaded ("What? What.") but that's okay. I like to imagine that he's Dingo's distant cousin once removed or something along the lines of that. Also he chases squirrels, since in shows he's shown to still be a dog what with the occasional barking and stuff. Also, Dook isn't very photogenic. Like at all. Every picture of him he's blinking, or drooling or his nose is right in the camera lense etc... he just never takes pictures well!


A person in a Dook Larue walkaround suit. A person in a Dook Larue walkaround suit.

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