Billy Bob Brockali

Billy Bob was the main mascot of Showbiz Pizza, and unfortunately the face of most "wahh animatronic scary" content since he is objectively one of the most recognizable animatronics of the 80's animatronic boom. Despite the scary nature much of the internet and media portray him as, he is a very kind and sweet bear from the mountains of East Tennessee, along with his best friend Looney Bird. Both characters originated from the older Creative Engineering animatronic band 'The Hard Luck Bears' (previously called the Bear Country Jubilee which sounds a little familiar...) The Hard Luck Bears consisted of a mother (Mama Granbags), her four sons (Billy Bob (not this Billy Bob, we'll get to that), Billy Bill, Billy Wilbur, Billy Bill), two gas station attendants (Pete and Re-Pete), and Gooney Bird, who would frequently make off-handed comments only to get beat back into his barrel by Mama Granbags. Ironically, the Billy bob we all know and love was not called Billy Bob in this band. He was Billy Bill LOL. Billy Bobis known to love making music with his friends, and has an affinity for country and rock-n-roll music, particularly the Beatles and Monkees. He plays the bass, which seems to be handmade and hanging on for dear life. He works at Smitty's Super Service Station, (the same one from the Hard Luck Bears!) a rural gas station that served a notable fictional fuel known as "Goofy Gas." Goofy Gas could easily made to use as gas in cars but also drink, which Looney bird did a lot of. Goofy Gas seemed to be a nod to Aaron Fechter's efforts pre-rockafire explosion to save energy amidst the energy crisis of the 1970's, like his weird funny looking tiny car thing. Anyways, Smitty's ramble over. Billy Bob is easily the most referenced Showbiz character in pop culture, you may have seen a reference to him in the Gravity Falls episode in "Hoo-Ha Owl's Jamboree!" He is also shown to be quite sensitive and empathetic in shows, crying after an argument with Looney Bird in the "feelings" skit, and profusely apologizing to Mitzi when he forgot to get her an autograph from Michael Jackson in the Michael Jackson medley show. Billy Bob is also the namesake for the name of one of the last places where you can see the rockafire publicly, for free! Billy Bob's Wonderland AKA the best place in the entire world (please go visit it. I've been twice and have 5 paintings of mine hanging up by the stage there so give that a look!)

My Headcanons

I like to call Billy Bob "Bibby" (as you can tell by the page name and image names) because I have trouble pronouncing my 'L's and its just a silly name. Also Billy Bob is 100% absolutely without a single doubt in my mind, gay. The way he describes Davy Jones as being "so cute, with his long hair" in the Davy Jones tribute, the way he fawns over pretty dresses and music and constantly worries about people thinking he's gay (aaron writing a whole song about it LMAO).... this bear definitely is gay because I said so. It just makes sense.


A person at a Showbiz Pizza party in a Billy Bob walkaround suit.

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