Beach Bear

As the lead guitarist for the Rockafire, Beach Bear is a huge fan favorite character in the animatronic fandom, and one of my favorites too!! He was originally voiced by Aaron Fechter (the fool of a creator) who did a goofy and annoying voice for Beach Bear. Thankfully, around '82 or '83, he began to be voiced by Rick Bailey, AKA my favorite singer in literally the entire WORLD HIS VOICE AND MUSIC IS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL! Fun fact, his first appearance voicing a character in the Rockafire was actually him voicing the Moon! Beach Bear's origins begin in the Wolf Pack 5, with the character of the same name haha. Since the WP5 played 50's and 60's music, the WP5 Beach Bear was likely a nod to the Beach Boys and surf rock in general. In the early years of the Rockafire, he was given luscious golden locks but a goofy himbo surfer personality, which was shown through his animatronic in how he was the only character along with Looney Bird that could cross his eyes, and how He could frantically kick his legs around. When Rick Bailey began voicing him, the character's personality did a complete 180. Beach Bear was painted as sarcastic, smart, and somewhat of an older brother type in my opinion, but like, a college graduate and gives good advice older brother and not a mountain dew chugging general rascal 2000's type older brother. In "My Woman My Woman My Wife" as Dook dedicates the song to his mother, Beach wonders "what Freud thinks of all this." The other members are like "who?" and he's like "Yeah Freud. That guy. He works just down the street." He also notably gaslights Dook in the Christmas cyberstar show, insisting along with Fatz that they DID NOT tell him he could perform his "original Christmas song," assuming it would be bad. When Mitzi tells them to stop lying and open the curtains, Beach goes "Oh no. The curtains are opening. And we're gonna bomb." He also does something similar in the Michael Jackson tribute, starting it off with announcing they'll honor MJ by "butchering one of his songs." Beach Bear was also notably the first Rockafire character I touched, hugged, and got a picture with :D. It was the extra Beach they had at the front of Billy Bob's Wonderland, which has now been sold to a furry. I don't think he could be in better hands :). In the New Rockafire Explosion, Beach Bear was put on stage right, on a beach scene with an animated coconut that would bonk him on the head. He also wore a shirt (completely off character. he would never.) During Concept Unification, Beach Bear traded eyes with Rolfe and was retrofitted into Jasper T. Jowls.

My Headcanons

Beach Bear most definitely drove around in what he called "The Rockafire," one of those "trashy" airbrushed vans with the most absurd art on the side. As my one of my pinterest besties Aria said, "i just know the ac dont work" which encapsulated the vibe perfectly. It's mirrors are hanging on with duct tape and you have to punch the radio to get it working. He's a bear in both senses of the word. He also is WP5 Beach Bear's son, because I said so. And also Mitzi's older brother figure due to how they bicker in shows but also have their sweet moments. Also I like calling him Beach for short and imagine the other band members do the same, it's just fun. Beach Bear is most definitely also a child of divorce.


Wolf Pack 5 Beach Bear's walkaround suit standing by a child in some sort of playhouse. Beach Bear's walkaround suit standing absent-mindedly. Beach Bear's walkaround suit standing with his thumbs up. Beach Bear's walkaround suit.

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